Why Smart People Worship Idols


Dear Listener,

I write to you from the cold of winter, which surely parallels the cold detachment of worldly intellect. True, the mind is powerful enough to know that it cannot know everything, but in general, when not acting as a vessel for faith, the rational intellect is a teribly dangerous tool, able to find multiplicity in any unity, ego in any humility, separation in any togetherness.

Trying to fill the emptiness of human existence with the rational intellect is like trying to fix cracked ceramic with an axe. Our emptiness comes from our apartness from the infinite, the true Fullness of Being. It is the mind that led the very first idolators to sanctify this apartness, and it is by understanding the limits of the mind that we can and must mend it.

Stay warm out there,


P.S. Apologies for the lower audio quality in this one; it was recorded without the aid of my usual equipment.

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